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    Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make a some extra cash on the Internet.  Many people make a full time income with affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate Marketing is essentially putting links for different companies on your blog.  When people click on the link and make a purchase, you get a share of the sale.  Some will pay you just for the click!

    There is a learning curve associated with affiliate marketing, but don’t be intimidated by that.

    You don’t need a college degree or have to be a super-geek to do it….just commit to a few hours to sit down and get the ball rolling.

    If you need help getting started with affiliate marketing, go to my  Work With Me page.

    These are some affiliate sites I use:

    My favorite because I make money EVERY day!

    Place one ad a day and get make a percentage above and beyond what your current balance is!

    Make money as well by referring others to the site and when people buy bids or products off of one of your sites!

    Zeek Rewards!



    Escalate Network

    Hostgator has a great commission structure for high traffic sites:

    1-5 per month ————— $50 /signup
    6-10 per month ————— $75 /signup
    11-20 per month ————— $100 /signup
    21+ per month ————— $125 /signup


    Linkshare has HUNDRED’S, maybe thousands of companies that will give you a “commission” for every sale you make.

    Something for everyone!

    I joined on a Thursday.  I put it on my mom blog on Friday.  On Monday I got an email stating I made $10.00!

    You can print coupons, jump on the forum and get paid to refer others to the site!

    You can print coupons, jump on the forum and get paid to refer others to the site!

    I have made $10.00 over & over with this -  I really love this one!

    In the first  month, just by putting a banner on my blog once or twice, I made $35.00!


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